XQ+31LC02D A QSFP28 module for distances up to 2km in your 100 Gigabit setups. 1271, 1291, 1311, 1331 nm

    The MikroTik 100 Gigabit product line keeps growing! Add this QSFP module for distances up to 2km to your CCR2216 or CRS504 setups and enjoy real speed and ultimate reliability. This optical module offers four independent full-duplex channels with up to 25 Gbps per channel bandwidth and an aggregate bandwidth of 100 Gbps. The module has built-in digital diagnostic functions, including optical power monitoring, and will perform well in environments up to 70° C. It has been designed to meet the harshest conditions, including temperature, humidity, and EMI interference, so we definitely recommend this as a reliable solution for all your 100 Gbps QSFP28 devices.

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    Product specifications

    Product code XQ+31LC02D
    Connector Dual LC UPC
    Data Rate 100G
    Distance 2km
    Format QSFP28
    Max power consumption 3.5W
    Mode SM
    Wavelength 1271nm, 1291nm, 1311nm, 1331nm
    Suggested price $229
    SFP compatibility listOpen

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