mANT LTE 5o 5dBi LTE antenna with 2 x SMA connectors

    The mANT LTE is an omnidirectional outdoor antenna specifically designed for LTE frequencies. It is an excellent companion to our LTE devices, such as the wAP LTE and LtAP series. The antenna has a 5 dBi gain, improving your connection in the areas with inadequate LTE service coverage, allowing you to increase your connection speed.

    It has two omni-directional cross-polarized 2x2 MIMO antennas inside the enclosure. The type of coax cable used within the official SMASMA 1m cable accessory is the LMR195. Please note that using a longer cable will increase the attenuation in the cable.

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    Product specifications

    Product code MTAO-LTE-5D-SQ
    Beamwidth 360°
    Certification CE, EAC, ROHS
    Connector 2 x SMA female
    Diameter x Depth 129 x 129 x 34 mm
    Frequency Range 699 - 2690 MHz
    Outdoor Rating IP54
    Tested ambient temperature -40°C .. +70°C tested
    Suggested price $19

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