915 Omni antenna A 900 - 928 MHz IoT antenna for your LoRa setups in the U.S., Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and other regions that prefer a 915 MHz signal over our previous 868 MHz antenna. Comes with a durable 1 m long SMA cable and a solid IP66 water resistance rating.

    This is a 6.5 dBi omni antenna kit for LoRa® within the 900-928 MHz frequency range. It has a strong 1m long SMA cable, and a mechanical holder for quick and easy mast attachment.

    The improved cable durability and the IP66 water resistance rating (protection against powerful jets) make this kit an excellent choice for all kinds of marine and coastal projects.

    You can use it with the KNOT LR9 kit, wAP KR9, or other LoRa devices with the appropriate frequency support.

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