Frequently asked questions and answers

MikroTik Academy

What are the benefits for educational institutions that participate?

This is a good opportunity to attract more students by offering MikroTik certificates which are recognizable by potential employers around the world.

How to become a MikroTik Academy Trainer?

If you already are a lecturer at an educational institution, and you have successfully (score at least 75%) passed the MTCNA certification test and have at least one of the MikroTik Engineer level certifications (score at least 75%), you can become a MikroTik Academy Trainer. Contact either a MikroTik Appointed Coordinator in your country or MikroTik directly to apply for the MikroTik Academy Trainer's certificate.

Who is a MikroTik Appointed Coordinator?

A MikroTik Training Center who is listed at the Academy info page is an Official Coordinator for particular country. He/she will coordinate the implementation of MikroTik Academy class in the curriculum of educational institution.

How to become a MikroTik Academy Coordinator?

Any MikroTik Training Center who has good connections with local educational institutions and has the ability to expand MikroTik Academy classes among them can be a coordinator.

Can there be more than one MikroTik Appointed Coordinator in the same country?

Yes. Note that the Coordinator status (presence in the webpage) is assigned only upon the successful implementation of MikroTik Academy class in the curriculum of at least one educational institution.

What is the benefit of being a Coordinator?

A coordinator can benefit from preparing Academy Trainers for teaching the MikroTik Academy class and also from gaining more publicity by being listed in MikroTik webpage as the MikroTik Appointed Coordinator for a particular country.

What is the difference between a MikroTik Academy Trainer and a MikroTik Training Partner?

MikroTik Academy Trainers are authorized to teach only students of educational institutions. They cannot conduct regular MikroTik trainings unless they complete additional requirements organized by MikroTik.

Can a MikroTik Training Partner be a MikroTik Academy Trainer?

Yes, if a MikroTik Training Partner is a lecturer at the educational institution and has developed training materials for MikroTik Academy class. Training materials can be based on documents provided by MikroTik.

What is a MikroTik Academy class?

A MikroTik Academy class is a general data networking course, specific MikroTik educational program covering MikroTik MTCNA certification outline

Who can attend MikroTik Academy Classes?

MikroTik Academy classes are meant only for educational institutions' students who are interested in learning routing and management of wired and wireless networks using MikroTik RouterOS.

Who are academic students?

Students who have registered for any syllabus of the educational institution at the time they are signing up for the MikroTik Academy class. What is the role of MikroTik?

MikroTik provides the educational institution, MikroTik Appointed Coordinator and MikroTik Academy Trainer with necessary materials, support, and information concerning the organization of MikroTik Academy classes and offers Certification Test.

Who issues certificates to MikroTik Academy trainers?

MikroTik Academy Trainer certificates are issued by MikroTik upon the approval of coordinators with an easy online process.

Who issues certificates to students?

MikroTik issues certificates to students if the certification test is successfully passed. Educational institutions can prepare their own printed certificates for students as well (the same certificate number as on MikroTik certificate should be used). Coordinator can sign them if this is agreed with the educational institution.

How can MikroTik distributors be involved?

Distributors can sponsor equipment needed for the class (RouterBOARDs, etc.), thus advertising their company among Academy staff and students. Distributor and Academy can agree on various advertising possibilities in exchange to the equipment for the class. Such cooperation can also help distributors to find knowledgeable employees.