Upgraded package signatures

The RouterOS package signing procedure has been upgraded, to use new algorithms and utilize state of the art security hardware. It  will also add a possibility to verify the integrity of existing installations.

The new updated package signing procedure provides additional security to prevent installation of malicious software.

Best security practices:

  • Keep RouterOS updated to the latest version
  • Secure your devices with firewall and limit access to specific services
  • Do not use 3rd party sites for RouterOS and other MikroTik software downloads
  • Use Netinstall, whenever there is doubt about previous history of software installed on the router, or upgrade router with packages manually downloaded from

The new updated signing procedure has been implemented in all of the RouterOS release channels starting from:

  • 6.47.9 [long-term]
  • 6.48.1 [stable]
  • 6.49beta11 [testing]
  • 7.1beta4 [development]