RB600A PowerPC CPU High speed device Expandable

    The high performance wireless platform. It has four miniPCI slots and three gigabit ethernet ports and it is the the fastest from our wireless routers.

    The heart of this device is the state of the art PowerPC CPU which makes the RB600 faster than any other MikroTik product, introducing a whole new class to the RouterBOARD brand.

    Two Compact flash slots for webproxy cache and configuration backups of the User Manager database or The Dude server. RB600 includes RouterOS - the operating system, which will turn this powerful system into a highly sophisticated router, firewall, bandwidth manager or hotspot.

    It is also the only RouterBOARD with 48V DC support.

    Your definitive choice for an expandable gigabit system.

    RouterBOARD 600 with PowerPC MPC8343E 266/400MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, three Gbit LAN, four miniPCI, NAND Storage with RouterOS L4, full voltage power support.

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    Product code RB600A
    Architecture PPC
    CPU nominal frequency 266MHz
    License level Level4
    Size of RAM 128MB
    Suggested price $195.00


    PoE in 36-56V
    802.3af support Yes
    Number of DC inputs 10-56V


    10/100 Ethernet ports 3
    10/100/1000 Ethernet ports Yes


    Memory card type CF
    Memory Cards 2
    MiniPCI slots 4
    Quick GuideOpen
    RouterOS current releaseDownload
    User GuideOpen
    Design Files DXF-PDFOpen
    RouterOS software manualOpen

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