LHG XL HP5

    The LHG XL HP5 is a 5GHz 802.11 a/n wireless device with an integrated dual polarization 27 dBi grid antenna and 630mW TX output power, designed to reach up to 40km in point-to-point setups at full speed.

    The grid design ensures protection against wind, and the fact that the antenna element is built into the wireless unit means no loss on cables.

    We have two versions available.

    LHG XL HP5-US (USA) is factory locked for 5170-5250MHz and 5725-5835MHz frequencies. This lock can not be removed.

    LHG XL HP5 (International) supports 5150MHz-5875MHz range.

    Product specifications

    Product code RBLHG-5HPnD-XL
    10/100 Ethernet ports 1
    802.11a Yes
    802.11n Yes
    Antenna gain 27dBi
    CPU AR9344
    CPU core count 1
    CPU nominal frequency 600 MHz
    Dimensions Ø 550 x 245 mm;
    License level 3
    Max Power consumption 7W
    Number of chains 2
    Operating System RouterOS
    PoE in Passive PoE
    Power Jack 1
    Size of RAM 64 MB
    Storage size 16 MB
    Storage type FLASH
    Supported input voltage 10 V - 28 V
    Tested ambient temperature -40 to 70° C
    Wireless chip model AR9344
    Wireless standards 802.11a/n
    Suggested price $79

    Wireless specifications

    5 GHz
    Transmit power (dBm)Receive SensitivityTransmit power (mW)

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