RB1000 Top of the line Highest speed product


    The top of the line core router.

    The heart of this device is a new state of the art PowerPC networking processor which makes the RB1000 faster than any other MikroTik product. The IPsec encryption accelerator chip increases the IPsec performance in RouterOS several times.

    Our tests have shown that it can throughput up to 400000pps or 3.2Gbps total throughput! Two Compact Flash slots for webproxy cache, configuration backups of the User Manager database or The Dude server are also present.

    RB1000 includes RouterOS - the operating system, which turns this powerful system into a highly sophisticated router, firewall or bandwidth manager. The unstoppable power of RouterOS

    and RouterBOARD combined, we bring you the fastest MikroTik router yet.

    RouterBOARD 1000: PPC8547 1333MHz CPU, 512MB RAM (preinstalled inside SODIMM slot), 4x 1Gbit LAN, 2x CF slots. RouterOS Level 6, desktop case and power supply included

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    Product code RB1000
    Dimensions 140x160mm, 312g
    RouterOS license 6
    Suggested price $695.00


    Memory card type CF
    Memory Cards 2
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    RouterBoot firmware Download
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