Made for MikroTik

The Made for Mikrotik program consists of two parts: "Mikrotik certified Integrators" and "Mikrotik certified Accessories".

MikroTik Certified Accessories are made by Mikrotik approved companies, who make accessories specifically for MikroTik products. This includes RouterBOARD compatible cases, outdoor antennas and other products

MikroTik Certified Integrators are companies who make turnkey solutions based on Mikrotik RouterBOARD and RouterOS, their products include assembled CPE/AP devices, preinstalled Integrated antennas and Rackmount solutions assembled for and with RouterOS.

Below is a list of our 248 Certified Mikrotik Integrators and Accessory makers in Random order.

Apply to the MFM program

If you have designed an integrated antenna for RouterBOARD, a high speed industrial router powered by RouterOS or other product related to MikroTik, you can apply for the MFM program as an integrator, or accessory maker.

We will announce your featured products by newsletters and this special webpage. We will also provide you with special "Powered by MikroTik" labels to create more relation to the MikroTik brand.

To apply, send us the following:
  1. Press quality image of one Featured product, preferably with no background
  2. Link to webpage which shows products that are running RouterOS or are supporting RouterBOARD
  3. Your product specs should include information about RouterOS or RouterBOARD compatibility

You can find logo usage guidelines and more at

Certified MikroTik Integrators and Accessory makers

Software SMARTISP Networks Manager Go to

The SMARTISP NETWORK MANAGER system was built to integrate API via all
functions of MikroTik RouterOS system, allowing Automatic settings
starting alarms generated by the sensors , through the power of OS
MikroTik Router OS.


HotSpot Network Manager Go to

HotSpot Network Manager is a professional accounting and billing system for managing hotspot services and WiFi areas. An all-in-one appliance, scalable, easy and a powerful solution ideal for all service providers, system integrators and network operators.
HotSpot Network Manager gives the solution to the biggest fear and need of the WiFi world for hospitality, education, public areas: to provide quality for internet connectivity.
You can satisfy the needs of different business categories, customizing every aspects of their WiFi offers: hotel chains, resorts, dormitories, campsites, beach properties, public places with high people turnover like airports, stations, schools, universities, libraries, events, concerts...
The system supports captive and interactive Welcome Portal, a dynamic and customizable window to involve and engage users and Advertising Module, a single platform to create surveys, quizzes and test and to increase revenues thanks to Ad campaigns.

Control your entire hotspot network from one place and maximize its potentiality. Multilevel and multi-tenant architecture, unlimited users, bandwidth modulation, traceability of the user traffic, default and customizable languages, custom Apps, social Login (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram), SMS credentials, vouchers & cards, collection of customers’ data, reliable payment methods and even more to give your company an edge over the competition and increase commercial success.


Captive RADIUS Go to

Captiveradius server enables hotspots providers easily and profitably offer wireless Internet access (WiFi and PPPoE) to customers, while eliminating the overhead associated with customer provisioning, authorization and accounting.

The solution provides centralized AAA functions by interacting with a secure RADIUS server. It supports portal-based user authentication using PIN numbers, usernames and passwords and has the ability to create configurable billing plans and tariffs for each hotspot, or common plans for a chain of hotspots.

This is a completely web-based service so there is no need to install any software on the client PCs. The webpages also allow for sufficient branding space to increase mileage. It has a powerful admin functionality which can be used to view usage statistics, calculate bandwidth usage at each hotspot, generate monthly revenue reports and calculate revenue share between partners.


CloudRadius Go to

The CloudRadius is a one of the best AAA Radius and Billing Softwares. It can be installed in cloud-hosted server as well as on-premises server. The CloudRadius server is used by many ISPs and Enterprises across all over India.We are experts in complete Mikrotik based Network Authentication Servers with Hotspot and PPPoE configurations.

The CloudRadius is having superb flexibility to design as per the Clients' requirement. Our Clients can manage their subscribers, CPEs, Invoices, Payments, Complaints and many more and also can see WAN, LAN and Subscriber's Live Traffic.

The CloudRadius is designed for simple to complex usage for all kinds of operations like Bulk Bandwidth, Revenue Sharing Bandwidth, Franchise Models, Multiple Branches with Multiples Managers and a lot more. Our RADIUS with Mikrotik Hotspot is giving RICH WiFi environments for all enterprise level usage.


Fl0wer - Network Intelligence software platform Go to

Fl0wer is an extremely powerful and flexible Network Intelligence software platform conceived to solve network visibility problems and network protection issues, to verify proper usage of company resources and to be used as a network blackbox to track all traffic metadata to solve otherwise unnoticed problems. The Fl0wer platform is structured with a licensed server data collector (receiving data from Netflow/IPFIX Sources) and open-source CLI Tools, GUI Application and documented JSON API to interact and handle data. It runs on common 64 bit Linux platforms, it is extremely scalable with enterprise class features and performance, has full support for IPv4 and IPv6 and it has an extremely low TCO. It is written in multithreaded C language and can scale both vertically and horizontally. It includes a LUA interpreter that can execute a customizable script for each processed flow. While its engine is a licensed product, all the data it saves and the JSON API interface are fully documented; CLI Tools and GUI Application are Open Source, allowing for unmatched integrations, customizations and data feeding to Analytics like ELK, Splunk, Graphite or Apache HADOOP, just to name a few. It exploits the power of Mikrotik's Traffic Flows, Netflow V1, V5, V9 and IETF/IPFIX technologies to achieve its goals. No Java, DB or bloatware required


Easy Wi-Fi Go to

Easy WiFi provide a complete network solution for SME. The system provides simple cloud managed access to your office wireless and wired network including WPA2-Enterprise security and isolated guest access.


Esun SD-WAN Solution Go to

SD-WAN, Software Defined WAN, is the next generation solution to build up an enterprise intranet worldwide. Esun SD-WAN is self-develped solution which includes the CONTROL PANEL and DATA PANEL. The control panel is VM based and the entire control mechanisms are developed by Esun self, the data panel is totally based on RouterBOARD devices and VM devices with RouterOS, which act as Esun PoP and customer edge devices. The big advantage of Esun SD-WAN solution is the Esun backbone, the best quality resource, have been integrated into the solution and can be directly utilized and controlled by SD-WAN. Esun offers customer an interaction visible solution, it targets on the customer who expects to build up its network with flexible connectivity and lower cost, especially for widely spread sites like campuses, factories, chain stores and retailers, etc.

ESUN Technology is a carrier-neutral full-fledged telecom licensee that operates a full range of nationwide network connectivity services (Ethernet, IP VPN, SD-WAN etc), internet access, data centres, cloud-based solutions, IT/SI/ solutions, outsourcing and consultancy, project management, round-the-clock service desk and NOC, CPE supply and maintenance etc. ESUN holds Class A BTS and B VAS licenses awarded by MIIT in China.

Esun Technology was founded in Year 2000 and headquartered in Shanghai China. We are customer orientation company, so customization / quick response is our company principle. Up to 16 years development Esun has had self-managed 50 PoPs allocated in 24 different cities, the business coverage is all over the mainland China and Hongkong.


Cloud4Wi Go to

Fully compliant with Mikrotik Router OS, Cloud4Wi is an innovative solution enabling managed services providers not only to offer Internet access but also to deliver geo web apps, business tools and active contents through the Splash Portal 2.0. Thanks to its own approach, Cloud4Wi enhances the experience of end-users and provides effective tools to Wi-Fi hotspot services managers.


Antamedia HotSpot Software Go to

Industry leading software to manage and sell WiFi access, fully compatible with Mikrotik routers. It helps you offer free or paid WiFi access, control the duration, speed and bandwidth, collect your customers data (email, name etc), display image and video ads, integrate with PMS, social networks. You can accept credit card payments with 70+ gateways including PayPal, create user accounts, vouchers, enable automatic login with multiple user devices, create different splash pages for different locations, create surveys, coupons, integrate web self-care for customers, track statistics and get reports. In development for more than a decade and used by world's top brands.


E-star wi-fi Go to

Advanced secure Wi-Fi login and billing platform with cloud Radius and PHP driven back-end system, for use with 'Mikrotik ROS Hotspot'. With special feature of user self service wpa2 password setup, free data trial, gigs based top up purchase system with simple to use signup and login pages, we think our Wi-Fi system is the easiest to use most secure operator friendly Wi-Fi solution available.


LANwize Go to

LANwize by MeOnD.NET Technologies, is designed for parents and guardians to allow them to control their children's Internet habits through a simple mobile App and MikroTik device (Version 3.x or newer). The application masks the technical complexity of firewalls and empowers parents to simply scan for devices connected to their home Wifi network and add them to the control list with one single click. Includes many other features such as automatic timers, bandwidth usage, roaming, and more.


TikMap Go to

TikMap is a powerful network mapping and diagnostic system build exclusively for RouterOS networks.
The system runs on Windows and uses the RouterOS API to discover routed networks and automatically produces a network diagram and provides a number of diagnostic tools.
It has been tested on OSPF networks with around 200 MikroTik routers.


FastNetMon Go to

FastNetMon is a very high performance DDoS detector built on top of multiple packet capture engines: NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow and SPAN/port mirror.

It could detect malicious traffic in your network and immediately block it with BGP blackhole or BGP flow spec rules.

It has solid support for all top network vendors and has unlimited scalability due to flexible design.

You could integrate FastNetMon into any existing network without any changes and additional hardware!


FreeG WiFi Go to

FreeG WiFi provides provides Guest WiFi hotspot solutions to collect user demographics, visitor frequency, and behavior. The software is fully compliant with Mikrotik controllers (Routerboard), and is managed through the centralized Cloud software.

It is an innovative solution enabling SMEs to manage their multiple locations' internet + WiFi networks centrally. FreeG monitors all the network 24*7 and triggers alerts in case of any downtime. It also switches from main line to backup line in case of downtime on the main line and help clients in creating multiple VLANs and SSIDs on the network.

On top of managing internet/WiFi, the solution also offers automated marketing tools to send customized email/SMS tailored to customers' profiles, distinguish loyal customers and provide add-on services. Overall, the solution enables enterprises to manage their WiFi infrastructures and attract new clients.


ExpertBilling Go to

ExpertBilling is a powerfull ISP Billing, which works with routers on RouterOS. It contains HelpDesk, Accounting, Billing modules, own RADIUS server, own NetFlow collector, web interface for admins and customers, cashier interface and much other. ExpertBilling is written on Python+Django and allows you to change source code and application logic for your needs.


theKarma Go to

Classic <7-years-tested> hotspot <wifi-authorization> brandeв login page - SMS, Phone call, Voucher, YouTube video, Social media, Hotel PMS with Banner / Quiz / Ads sheduler based on Mikrotik Router OS

Simple and easy Bandwith limits, VPN access to routers, NetFlow & Traffic accounting, remote scripting, predefined IP-pool addresses, monitoring tools, 3D-Secure provided REST API, Multilanguage, White Label, SaaS & stand-alone

Wi-fi sniffr as <air listening> analytics (without classic wi-ficonnection) based on Mikrotik Router OS as a data mining platform based with Apache Cassandra cluster for footfall analytics.

theKarma is open-source software.


MikroTik Themes Go to

To show your customers and prospects that your business is serious the first tool is the hotspot. In this web you will find many free and responsive designs for the captive portal

# Go to is a platform where the people and companies can manage their ads on their hotspots(Digital marketing), YnRiver platform is easily configurable and easy to link with MikroTik devices. Platform has Social Wi-Fi and Graphical Analytics and can make surveys. It is a solution on a cloud for hotels, shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, etc.


Kiwire Go to

Kiwire is a next generation hotspot 2.0 compliance wifi management that enable your customers to offer guest or user Wi-Fi or network access. Using a customizable splash portal, powerful proximity marketing, advertising, data exchange and analytics applications, they can provide an engaging Wi-Fi and network experience. Kiwire is able authenticate user with variety of method and data source ( Micros Fidelio Opera, Active Directory, Ldap, Radius , Social network ), Provide comprehensive user policy securely, Differentiate user or guest access plan Innovative analytic of user behaviour and reports and Fully browser based ease of management control panel.


h8SSRMS Go to

H8 Service, Subscriber Revenue Management System is one of the best solutions for Telecom Industries across the globe. Improve Productivity, Efficient Processes, Organized Business Increase Profitability is the extreme focus of H8 SSRMS.

Service, Subscriber Revenue Management System (SSRMS) is a widely implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and
technical support.


WispHub Go to

WispHub is a cloud management system for isp, which does not require buying additional hardware. We integrate to your network in a transparent way through the Mikrotik API.

Features: Support for simple queues, pcq, pppoe hotspot, invoicing, blocking of non-paying customers, traffic history, payment gateways, user generator hotspot, SMS notifications, customer importer, customer portal (the customer can perform payments, see your invoices or traffic history), support area and more.


Stampede Go to

Stampede is a cost effective solution to gather information over WiFi. Get real time information about customers. Track new / return visits, identify peak visit times, create a customer mailing list and generate revenue. Automatically send SMS/email messages to your customers on specific events. A great way to offer promotions and discounts to your customers, resulting in more revenue. Full PayPal integration for paid networks and data capture on free networks all configured from our cloud based dashboard.


RemoteWinBox Go to

RemoteWinBox is a service that securely connects your Mikrotik to our cloud to allow protected WinBox access from anywhere on the planet! It's perfect for LTE, private networks, Mikrotik users who travel & tech support


BGOcloud Go to

BGOcloud provides VPS hosting solutions that run websites and web applications faster than ever.
VPS hosting solution that we provide combines OpenVZ and KVM dedicated server hosting. Some of the major benefits for our clients are improved security, absolute control over their system resources, infrastructure and environment. In addition to this, our VPS hosting solution comes with a web-based management control panel that is flexible and easy to use. Every client receives a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth usage. There is also a free IP, VPN network option behind cloud-based router and more. BGOcloud enables you to set up your servers with virtualization and deploy virtual machines faster than ever before.
Clients can benefit from a virtual machine with Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) system installed on it. This will allow them to have completely functional router in the Cloud with just a few clicks. Mikrotik CHR can be used as a VPN concentrator for private network management. It can also be used for WebProxy, Radius Server or User-management for different hotspot systems. Thus our clients can quickly improve the way they manage and monitor their own network environment.
Successful web projects are impossible without having suitable hosting provider. Knowing how important that is for businesses, we developed BGOcloud platform where customers can find quality hosting solutions.


Wiacom - WiFi analytics and communications platform Go to

Wiacom is a WiFi analytics and communications platform that helps marketing teams digitize their visitors & clients presence. Wiacom product suites, enabled over MikroTik access points, helps business to identify who clients are, analyze their behavior, reach out and engage with them, all this using WiFi technology combined with AI & marketing automation. Moreover, businesses can digitally retarget their customers natively within the platform directly (or integrated through suitable marketing platforms) to gain a profound marketing return on investment by keeping those customers engaged and transforming them into repeat customers.


LogicWiFi Go to

LogicWiFi improves the customer experience.
Turn your WiFi network into a tool that allows you to better know your customers, improve network security by stopping using passwords and integrate data with your company's software.

With our Social WiFi solutions, you can engage your customers with a fully personalized access portal, gather data from customers social profiles and show offers, surveys, coupons and more!

Connect your WiFi networks with apps such as GSuite, SuiteCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, etc or for Free, visitors can login in your WiFi using your Social WiFi plugins.


I-WISP Manager Go to

I-WISP Manager is a cloud management platform for Internet Service Providers who operate with Mikrotik based networks. It provides a simple, centralized, secure and efficient interface for the control of your business processes. It manages the ISP in all aspects, from the management of the Point of Presence equipment, CPEs, service plans, suspension and reactivation, billing, payments, installation and support tickets, stock, POPs and CPEs geolocation, dashboard of key performance indicators and statistical data.


eBSS Cloud RADIUS Go to

eBSS is an online network user management system that fully compatible with Mikrotik Routers. With this cloud RADIUS as a service you can design your own Mikrotik Hotspot login page, create user and set policies from your web control panel. Another type of user authentication in this software is SMS based authentication that would be useful for free internet providers in public places such as restaurants, cafés, dorm rooms and etc. The user will enter his cellphone number in customized Mikrotik Hotspot page and after he received the SMS containing authentication code, can connect to the internet with the limitations that have set before by the network administrator. All operations will be done in just a web panel with many other features and no local software will be installed. This software is compatible with any kind of Mikrotik routers supporting Hotspot, PPP and Radius protocols.


DuxBak Go to

DuxBak is a RouterOS configuration management solution that takes leverage from the popular GitHub software version control platform and utilizes those advanced features to deliver a fully functional configuration backup and
change management system.



ISPERP is a web enabled enterprise solutions that streamlines and integrates business process and information flow for internet service providers. It provides the wide range of features with 15 core modules. It has lots of business analytical reports which helps the management to take right strategic decisions for the business. It is fully integrated with Mikrotik. It has improved efficiency, productivity, process automation and profitability of ISP companies.


ISPTik Go to

ISPTik Cloud Service is radius cloud service
designed for MikroTik devices created by

Suitable for small businesses, apartment, condo, hotel, education, as well as Internet service providers (ISP). ISPTik provide centralized management easy to manage ,mobile friendly stable , secure and fast.


ISPSolution Go to

ISPSolution ® is an application designed to bring the Billing, Accounts Receivable and Inventory x Corporate ISP, in addition to providing an interface to connect with Mikrotik RouterOS and so manage the bandwidth (Simple Queue, PCQ), the court services for those customers who find balance with the company.


ISPCube Go to

ISPCube is a management system for Internet providers. You can manage your clients, routers, bills, tickets and a lot more. We integrate to Mikrotik, Free Radius, Huawei OLT (FTTH) and 815 Servers. Your customers can access invoice's web portal, view them, download, posting a payment, send a suggestion, report a problem, update their data, etc. Using ISPCube you can block unpaid customers, load collections (client reconnects automatically)
or download collections automatically.


Isp Soft Go to

Our software for Billing, Tickets, CRM. has a Mikrotik Integration for
(Cut Internet Access to Nonpaid Bills, Audit Mikrotik vs Software Databases,
etc.) Our main Mikrotik Requirements is to have a 3.25 or Superior Mikrotik.


VigoERP9 Go to

VigoERP9 is a management software made exclusively to interact with RouterOS. The communication between our software and RouterOS can be done using Mikrotik API or FreeRadius parameters.

This enables you to do just one job, in other words, you just need to manipulate the costumers inside our software, and the own software will go make all actions needed inside all the RouterOS gateways.

This brings more security and reliability to your database, in addition to you do not need to do the same work in many equipments.

Vigo Tecnologia is a brazilian enterprise, located in Cuiabá - Mato Grosso - Brazil, heart of South America.


Centra Software Ltd.Sti. Go to

Hotspot Integration Profiler is a solution for your wifi hotspot.You can manage your users' internet access with time limitation, quata limitation, time plannnig features.Ideal for hotels,cafeterias,dormitory and public hotspot access areas.By third party integration feature your customers will be automatically transfered mikrotik devices wtih any intervention.This feature contains most common database servers; Oracle,MSSQL Server, MySQL and also data file which are xml,csv and txt file formats.So you can integrate your customers which are stored in database server or disk files.

Service oriented infrastructure provides centralized management of users across multiple sources.
With low memory and disk space consumption avoids performance leaks.
System information and all users' transactions can be easily watched with dashboard screen.
Fully compliant with Mikrotik Router OS.


Software SMARTISP FSM Go to

The FSM system, a member of SMARTISP family, allows monitoring of MikroTik Router OS, sending messages to external teams for quick

Thanks to powerful tool of GPS MikroTik Router OS.


HIGO Go to

HIGO (Indonesia) offers a sophisticated HotSpot landing page which could extracts basic information of the HotSpot user to be utilized by the free WiFi donors, in places such as parks, hospitals, and schools. It could also be commericalized by cafes, restaurants etc for marketing purpose and analytics.


MakerTIK Go to

It is a hotspot template generator, you can select the colors, attach your logo, put relevant information and download the hotspot folder to upload to your server. a few clicks and go, easy, fast and free.


Anatod Go to

We develop control, management and billing web-based systems for small, medium and large ISPs


RedFenix Go to

RedFenix is a Global Network of Decentralized Internet Hotspots. Our solution allows people, businesses and providers to share the internet with anyone in an easy, secure and profitable way. Mobile users connect for FREE to all shared networks using our mobile app.

To earn money sharing internet, either install a RedFenix plug and play Device, follow instructions with a RedFenix compatible device or use our Gateway solution for Internet Providers to reuse existing infrastructure.

To get online, users download our app, create an account, select a near-by available Wi-Fi, and click connect. Users can also buy quota directly from our app or get free quota by watching an ad on demand.


ISPApp Go to

ISPApp provides cloud management for MikroTik RouterOS and OpenWRT devices. Very little configuration is required. Simply install our provisioning script with a quick network scan. Our provisioning script automatically recognizes devices in your infrastructure and immediately begins collecting performance metrics.



developer of software designed to interact with Mikrotik Router OS in the management Firewall rules, VPN activity, Monitoring, HotSpot, GPS tracking and Geo location, and more additional special tools.


JoinMyWifi Go to

JoinMyWifi is a proprietary all-in-one customizable software solution
for Wi-Fi marketing. It succeeds by allowing each business to advertise
special offers, new products and events in its Wi-Fi, build loyalty by
sharing discount coupons, allow users to connect social accounts, get
user information and much more.

User’s perspective:JoinMyWifi uses captive portal technology to give
internet access to Wi-Fi users. Captive portal is a rather new
technology which is used generally in large public and private Wi-Fi
networks. When captive portal is in use, users have to login via the
browser to get internet. This process has different amount of steps for
users depending on each business’s configuration. JoinMyWifi has a
simple and highly customizable 3-steps flow.

Business’s perspective: JoinMyWifi marketing platform provides usage
analytics, demographics and user information via a web dashboard. From
inside the web dashboard each business can also customize the 3-steps
flow for users, the advertisements, the coupons and all other features


Duxtel Go to

DuxTel Internet Commander provides a turn-key solution for ISPs and WISPs needing a fully featured customer provisioning and administration portal complete with online payments, billing, mobility tracking and reseller chain management systems.


HotelFeedback Go to

HotelFeedback allows you to reach your guests when they use hotel Wi-Fi and get feedback from your guests before their checkout.


MikroFirewall Go to

We have a new user interface that is easier to work with mikrotik .It does all load balancing and failover scenario very easily for the users.and also firewall of Mikrotik is very powerful and it’s a layer seven firewall protocol .It made a platform by central servers and our supporting team detect the new attacks and threats are identified by our supporting team and it is sent to this UI.UI automatically performs the required command in Mikrotik firewall.this UI is in two versions:hardware and software.the software version is in format of app Web based that will be installed on the client’s system.users just by getting ip and mikrotik username and password can manage it.the hardware version is combination of a mikrotik routerboard and a controling hardware board.


FamTime Go to

Allow anybody the ability to quickly and easily create a mesh WiFi network through a home or office using our smartphone app for both Android and Apple. Famtime also lets you control the amount of time individuals are allowed to use the WiFi and set regular scheduled access time.


Trusted Home Go to

Trusted Home is an AI-driven security and Wi-Fi management solution that allows broadband providers to give their subscribers a premium, secure smart home experience. With no new hardware required, it puts consumers in control of their own protection and connectivity via an intuitive self-care app for Android or iOS that also offers parental controls.

Providers can increase ARPU by offering a connected home management service to subscribers and reduce troubleshooting costs with insights from Trusted Home.

The Trusted Home SaaS platform monitors usage to detect and block threats, make recommendations and auto-tune router and device settings for improved security and Wi-Fi performance.


Magnaquest Go to

Magnaquest Billing, CRM and AAA Solution is robust and end to end platform for internet service providers to successfully manage their business. Magnaquest's Billing and CRM has the ability to manage subscription business process, billing work flow and Collectables management. Our AAA Server is a flexible and robust platform with the ability to enforce policy on any network router that supports Radius protocol. This flexibility can be leveraged upon to enforce any policy based on the SLA. With a comprehensive feature set like Captive Portal, DPI server support, DHCP Server, SNMP Protocol Support, Magnaquest AAA platform can address the policy enforcement needs of ISP operating on Cable, DSL, xDSL, Fiber, etc.


VoucherHotspot Go to

System that allows users to generate server for MikroTik Hotspot through the API port. It has following functions:
- Generate users
- Generate profiles
- Scripting to delete expired users
- Add various routers
- Edit your card print
- Among other functions more ...


WifiConnect Go to

WifiConnect is a cloud based wifi hotspot manager which offers enhanced functionality when overlayed onto MikroTik Routers and Gateways. WifiConnect installation will benefits both parties. It uses Social Media login to simplify Internet access connection procedure to end users, and at the same time gives clients more functionalities, controls, flexibilities, especially as a powerful marketing tool.


Airangel WiFI Go to

Our MyAirangel cloud based Guest WiFi management solution offers enhanced functionality when overlayed onto Mikrotik RouterOS hardware. With easy to use portal editors, integrated payment gateways and social media login methods ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Windows Live and Google ) in addition to the normal email registration and voucher login solutions its easy to see why MyAirangel is the Guest WiFi system of choice in over 1,500 venues throughout Europe. Integrated Monitoring, Guest Support tools, reporting and analytics are standard. Use your own Mikrotik hardware, or purchase our preconfigured Candengo solutions based on Mikrotik 2011, 1100 or CCR for even more functionality.


TrueWiFi Go to

TrueWiFi is a unique tool that provides you with a view of your audience, helps you interact with your clients and understand their behaviour.

Furthermore, it provides a unique experience for your clients with your Products, Services and Events.

- Quick Installation
- Low Cost
- Know your Clients
- Ease of Use


WISPControl Go to

Designed for centralize all the Network and Clients with a full management of Mikrotik devices.



ICONRADIUS is a End-to-End ISP Software suite for Initial to Large enterprise customers . Includes all the modules which meet the service providers business needs. Modules include CRM, Billing, AAA and Customer Ticketing, Subscriber, Franchise and re-seller, Self-care, Wifi-hotspot management modules. It's pre and Customized user friendly GUI for both the Provider and end users. The performance of application gives high enrich experience to the users to track their live and historical data and payment records information.


Bright WiFi Go to

Bright WiFi is hosted solution for Hotspot and PPPoE service deployment,
management and billing, combined with a data collection and reporting

Our deployment modes cover:
- Free & Paid WiFi Hotspots
- Marketing and Data collection based Free WiFi hotspots
- Paid recurring billing for residential services (PPPoE)
- and more

The service is completely white-labeled and allows leveraging of
internationally available hosted infrastructure and our automated
deployment tool - made to work with Routerboard hardware. As opposed to
standard radius based AAA services, Bright WiFi offers a complete solution
that is made by MikroTik users for MikroTik users and provides access for
over 100,000 unique users each month.



The Axiom Shield plugin for Mikrotik RouterOS connects your device to the Axiom Polymorphic Threat Defense platform to receive real-time updates. The plugin comes with a set of firewall rules that match and drop identified traffic from threat intelligence feeds.


Xceednet Go to

Xceednet is a leading Internet Subscriber Management Service Provider. Our cloud hosted solution is used by ISPs in various parts of India and different parts of the world. We provide services for configuration and troubleshooting for PPPoE and Hotspot with Mikrotik devices to give our customers the best service possible. This is a completely web-based service and hence there is no need to install anything on a PC. However Admin management is also managed through Android App. We also help our customers understand and get familiar with our cloud based software to manage and maintain their internet business


Minim Go to

Minim is an AI-driven managed WiFi and IoT security platform that helps operators increase revenue and reduce support costs with freedom of choice on CPE. Subscribers benefit from best-in-class customer support, an easy-to-use mobile app, parental controls, AI-powered network recommendations, and more. Now a Made for MikroTik partner, Minim has integrated the RouterOS API into its cloud platform, collecting real-time data about MikroTik Access Points and smart home devices for advanced fingerprinting, management, and security. Recently named 2019 Consumer Product of The Year in the IoT Breakthrough Awards, Minim is now partnering with service providers and consumer device manufacturers who want to help make home connectivity as safe and reliable as drinking water. To learn more, visit


Wispoint Go to

Wispoint is a Modular Cloud Hotspot System which is built for MikroTik and
Router OS devices.


Splynx ISP Framework Go to

Splynx is a software framework for central network management created for ISP. It has core modules and rest you can customize and change based on own needs. This is achieved because of a system design - Splynx is a powerful set of modules and APIs.

Features like invoicing, customer portal, hotspot, Radius and monitoring are core of the system. Integration with payment gateways, hardware vendors etc. is made as custom modules. Strong integration with Mikrotik API is one of main modules that software provides. It allows you to manage access, authentication and queues on Mikrotik routers centrally.

Use Splynx as core network element and start building software defined network !

# Go to

LucidView’s Enforcer is a MikroTik configuration script that allows a MikroTik router to lever off LucidView’s powerful cloud Content Filter, and/or provides meaningful Internet
Traffic Reports.

RouterOS compatibility - RouterOS version 6.43.3 and up
Routerboard compatibility - all RouterOS physical, virtual devices and cloud hosted routers, including platforms on mips, x86, tile, arm and ppc.



Jaze Networks is a company based out of India specializing in Network Access Management solutions.
We develop applications for managing ISP operations which work seamlessly with Mikrotik routers.
Jaze ISP Manager enables Internet Service Providers to centrally manage subscribers across multiple sites with flexible plan and policy delivery with comprehensive compliance reports.

It provides centralized management of subscribers across multiple sites, managing authentication for these users,enforcing policies on their usage and providing complete reports for compliance with regulatory authorities.

Jaze ISP Manager supports flexible deployment options including on-premise or colo-cated hardware deployment, software based deployment and can also be delivered as a cloud-hosted solution on a SaaS model.

The solution provides seam less integration with exisiting network equipment and provides APIs for collaboration with third-party services such as billing, CRM and helpdesk software.


Oraculo Go to

Oráculo is a monitoring tool that allows you to have an eye on your network. It is constantly probing the devices and when it finds something has changed, generates alerts and notifications, integrated with Telegram.


ISPGestion Go to

ISPGestion is an ERP software designed by ISP's for ISP's. The main idea is to have only one program to cover all needs an ISP could have.
It has modules for CRM, billing, accounting, warehouse, MikroTik device monitoring and configuration, radius server, FTTH ONT provisioning and much more.
It also has an API to integrate with external systems.


PowerCloud Go to

PowerCloud is an SDWAN orchestration portal for MikroTik RouterOS that takes care of Provisioning, Content Filtering, TrafficFlow Reporting, Threat Detection, Link Steering, Link Quality Monitoring, QoS, and offers an easy branch onramp to public cloud providers like Amazon, Azure, Google, and Huawei.


CloudBalkan Go to

CloudBalkan Cloud Routers combines the power of the cloud computing with the best network operating system from MikroTik to deliver the ultimate next generation cloud networking.

Run a cloud VPN server for your network to achieve a high performance, always available VPN services. Plenty of protocols like PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IPsec and more will enable you to cloud connect and device from a mobile phone to your remote offices gateway.

Control your wireless infrastructure from a secure an reliable cloud hosted CAPsMAN.

Cloud Routers are also great for powerful network firewalls. With the huge computing power behind you can design complex firewall rules and protect your network way before dangerous traffic comes to your equipment.

Build your modern cloud networking with MikroTik Cloud Hosted Router and CloudBalkan's leading cloud infrastructure and hosting services.


Microsystem Company Go to

Internet Networks is fully controlled automatically, Manage and organize Internet Network, Manage billing, Tickets, Online access to your cloud system and Mikrotik, Bandwidth management, create users accounts online, Managed Wi-Fi Hotspot Service, Managed PPPOE, Service, and More flexibility.


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