Installing RouterOS with Floppies

Document revision:1.2 (Tue Jul 13 13:06:16 GMT 2004)
Applies to: V2.9

Floppy Install


Another way to install the RouterOS is using floppies. You will need 9 floppies to install the software (this includes only the system package).

  1. Download the archive here. Extract it and run FloppyMaker.exe.

    Read the licence agreement and press 'Yes' to continue.

  2. After pressing 'Yes', you are introduced to useful information about RouterOS:

    Press 'Continue' button to continue or 'Exit' to leave the installation.

  3. You are prompted to insert disk #1 into the floppy drive:

    Insert a blank floppy into the drive and start the copying process. Pressing 'Skip Floppy' will skip the process to next floppy (useful in case you already have some floppies copied). Proceed with next floppies until the following dialog occurs:

  4. Set the dedicated computer to boot from floppy device, insert the disk #1 and boot the computer. When it will process the first floppy, it will ask for the second, until all floppies are processed.

Note: after the installation you will have to enter the Software key. See this manual how to do it.