Device Driver List

Document revision 1.29 (04-Sep-2003)
This document applies to the MikroTik RouterOS V2.7

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The document lists the drivers, included in MikroTik RouterOS and the devices that are tested to work with MikroTik RouterOS. If a device is not listed here, it does not mean the device is not supported, it still may work. It just means that the device is not tested.

Ethernet (system)

  • 3Com 509 Series
    Load the driver by specifying the I/O base address. IRQ is not required.
    Chipset type: 3Com 509 Series ISA 10Base
    Compatibility: 3Com EtherLink III

  • 3Com FastEtherLink
    Chipset type: 3Com 3c590/3c900 (3Com FastEtherLink and FastEtherLink XL) PCI 10/100Base
  • ADMtek Pegasus
    Chipset type: ADMtek Pegasus/Pegasus II USB 10/100BaseT
  • AMD PCnet
    For ISA cards load the driver by specifying the I/O base address. IRQ is not required.
    Chipset type: AMD PCnet/PCnet II ISA/PCI 10BaseT
  • AMD PCnet32
    Chipset type: AMD PCnet32 PCI 10BaseT and 10/100BaseT
  • Davicom DM9102
    Chipset type: Davicom DM9102 PCI 10/100Base
  • DEC 21x4x "Tulip"
    Chipset type: DEC 21x4x "Tulip" PCI 10/100Base
  • Intel EtherExpressPro
    Chipset type: Intel i82557 "Speedo3" (Intel EtherExpressPro) PCI 10/100Base
    Compatibility: Intel i82557/i82558/i82559ER/i82801BA-7 EtherExpressPro PCI cards

  • Intel PRO/1000
    Chipset type: Intel i8254x (Intel PRO/1000) PCI 10/100/1000Base
  • National Semiconductor DP83810
    Chipset type: National Semiconductor DP83810 PCI 10/100BaseT
  • National Semiconductor DP83820
    Chipset type: National Semiconductor DP83820 PCI 10/100/1000BaseT
  • NE2000 ISA
    Load the driver by specifying the I/O base address. IRQ is not required.
    Chipset type: NE2000 ISA 10Base
    Compatibility: various ISA cards

  • NE2000 PCI
    Chipset type: NE2000 PCI 10Base
  • NS8390
    Chipset type: NS8390 PCMCIA/CardBus 10Base
  • RealTek RTL8129
    Chipset type: RealTek RTL8129 PCI 10/100Base
  • Sundance ST201 "Alta"
    Chipset type: Sundance ST201 "Alta" PCI 10/100Base
  • TI ThunderLAN
    Chipset type: TI ThunderLAN PCI 10/100Base
  • VIA vt86c100 "Rhine"
    Chipset type: VIA vt86c100 "Rhine" PCI 10/100Base
  • Winbond w89c840
    Chipset type: Winbond w89c840 PCI 10/100Base

    Wireless (wireless)

  • Aironet Arlan
    Chipset type: Aironet Arlan IC2200 ISA 2Mbit/s IEEE802.11b
    Compatibility: Aironet Arlan 655

  • Atheros
    Chipset type: Atheros AR5001X PC/PCI 11/54Mbit/s IEEE802.11a/b/g
  • Cisco/Aironet
    Chipset type: Cisco/Aironet ISA/PCI/PC 11Mbit/s IEEE802.11b
  • Intersil Prism II
    Chipset type: Intersil Prism II PC/PCI 11Mbit/s IEEE802.11b
  • RadioLAN
    Chipset type: RadioLAN ISA/PC 10Mbit/s 5.8GHz
    Chipset type: Lucent/Agere/Proxim WaveLAN/ORiNOCO ISA/PC 11Mbit/s IEEE802.11b

    Synchronous (synchronous)

  • Moxa C101 V.35 (4 Mbit/s)
  • Moxa C502 PCI 2-port V.35 (8 Mbit/s)
  • Cyclades PC-300 V.35 (5 Mbit/s)
  • Cyclades PC-300 E1/T1
  • FarSync V.35/X.21 (8.448 Mbit/s)

    Asynchronous (system)

  • Standard Communication Ports Com1 and Com2
  • Moxa Smartio C104H, C168H, CP-114, CP-132, CP-168U, CP-104U, CP-134U, CP-132U PCI 2/4/8 port up to 4 cards (up to 32 ports)
  • Cyclades Cyclom-Y and Cyclades-Z Series up to 32 ports per card, up to 4 cards (up to 128 ports)
  • TCL DataBooster 4 or 8 PCI cards

    ISDN (isdn)

    PCI ISDN cards:

    VoIP (telephony)

  • H.323 Protocol VoIP Analog Gateways

    xDSL (synchronous)

    Xpeed 300 SDSL cards (up to 6.7km twisted pair wire connection, max 2.3Mbit/s)

    HomePNA (system)

    Linksys HomeLink PhoneLine Network Card (up to 10Mbit/s home network over telephone line)

    LCD (lcd)

  • Crystalfontz ( Intelligent Serial LCD Module 632 (16x2 characters) and 634 (20x4 characters)
  • Powertip ( Character LCD Module PC1602 (16x2 characters) and PC2404 (24x4 characters)

    PCMCIA Adapters (system)

  • Vadem VG-469 PCMCIA-ISA adapter (one or two PCMCIA ports)
  • RICOH PCMCIA-PCI Bridge with R5C475 II or RC476 II chip (one or two PCMCIA ports)
  • CISCO/Aironet PCMCIA adapter (ISA and PCI versions) for CISCO/Aironet PCMCIA cards only

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