MikroTik RouterOS Neighbor Discovery Protocol (MNDP)

Document revision 28-Mar-2002
This document applies to the MikroTik RouterOS v2.4 and v2.5


The MikroTik Neighbor Discovery Protocol (MNDP) eases configuration and management by enabling each MikroTik router to discover other connected MikroTik routers and learn information about the system and features which are enabled. The MikroTik routers can then automatically use set features with minimal or no configuration.

MNDP features:

Contents of the Manual

The following topics are covered in this manual:


The MikroTik Discovery Protocol feature is included in the 'system' package. No installation is needed for this feature.

Hardware Resource Usage

There is no significant resource usage.

MikroTik Discovery Protocol Description

MNDP basic function is to assist with automatic configuration of features that are only available between two MikroTik routers. Currently this is used for the 'Packet Packer' feature. The 'Packet Packer' may be enabled on a per interface basis. The MNDP protocol will then keep information about what routers have enabled the 'unpack' feature and the 'Packet Packer' will be used for traffic between these routers. The MikroTik routers must be connected by an Ethernet like interface.

Specific Properties:

MikroTik Discovery Protocol Setup

IP MikroTik Packet Packer Protocol management can be accessed under the /ip neighbor submenu:

[MikroTik] ip neighbour>   
      print  print values of item properties                                                     
       find  finds items by value
        get  get value of item's property
  interface  interfaces
     export  displey the configuration as a set of commands
[MikroTik] ip neighbour> print                                                  
  # INTERFACE  ADDRESS         MAC-ADDRESS       UNPACKING AGE                 
  0 Public      00:E0:C5:BC:12:07 yes       23s                 
  1 Public      00:E0:4C:39:23:31 yes       0s                  
  2 Public        00:80:C8:C9:B0:45 yes       3s                  
[MikroTik] ip neighbor>

Argument description:

INTERFACE local interface to which the neighbor is connected
ADDRESS IP address of the neighbor router
MAC-ADDRESS MAC-address of the neighbor router
UNPACKING identifies if the interface of the neighbor router is unpacking 'Packed Packets'
AGE a counter (in seconds) that shows the age of the information

To see the interface settings use:

[MikroTik] ip neighbor interface> print                                        
  # NAME                 DISCOVER
  0 Public               yes     
  1 Local                yes     
[MikroTik] ip neighbor interface>

To change the interface settings, use /ip neighbor interface set command:

[MikroTik] ip neighbor interface> set Public discover=no                       
[MikroTik] ip neighbor interface> print                                        
  # NAME                 DISCOVER
  0 Public               no      
  1 Local                yes     
[MikroTik] ip neighbor interface>

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